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About company

High-quality branded clothing at the manufacturer's price in the Alisa Fashion store

The modern person is constantly on the move: work, university, children, home, sports - all this does not allow to have free time, which women need so much . And one of the favorite activities of the weaker sex is shopping, which takes more than one hour. But how to get out of the usual ruts and allocate time for shopping trips?

Alisa Fashion - online store women's clothing on the official website in Moscow invites all women not to spend precious time on tiresome shopping, and implement them in the virtual space on the Internet. Thanks to a wide assortment, you can look fashionable stylishly or classically elegant and make purchases without leaving home or work. You just need access to the Internet.

Alice in Moscow offers its customers a wide range of outfits, from dresses and outerwear, to children's products. Here, all products are divided into categories, which makes the search efficient and faster.

Buy women's clothing Alice in the online store of the official site is very easy. To do this, you will need to select a model and put it in the trash. Further, the case for small: 100% payment or cash on delivery, and delivery is free of charge to any region of Russia.

Alisa Fashion & nbsp; brand does not limit its customers, allowing you to purchase products for both retail customers and wholesalers. At what the wholesale price, naturally, differs from retail cost in the smaller party.

Criteria that must be considered during online purchases

First of all, every buyer should understand the fact that the purchase of goods in the virtual space - This is to some extent a risk. In order to be 100% sure of the seller's honesty, it is necessary to select only proven resources, such as the "Alice's Shopping Center in Moscow" official website.

You should also carefully read the size grid, which is presented by the manufacturer. Before buying, be sure to contact the store's consultants and clarify all the nuances concerning quality, payment, delivery and return.

Another important criterion for online shopping are price indicators. If this is a branded clothing store, then the cost of production should be appropriate. Found the same product at a price much lower? You can rest assured that you are on a fake. After all, products from the brands la Vida Rica or Enna Levoni can not be cheap.

Alisa Trading Company

Our online store sells crazy goods under the well-known names la Vida Rica and Enna Levoni. It is these trademarks that are created for modern and active women with a sense of style. Wholesale and retail trade can satisfy the needs of all segments of the population.

The advantages of buying in the online store Alisa Fashion:

  • Comfortable and practical designer outfits that will always sing out a woman from the crowd;

  • High quality of products, significantly prolongs their service life;

  • Constant promotional offers and discounts allow you to significantly save;

  • User-friendly interface and filters are the main factors for successful search of the required category;

  • Delivery of the purchased goods is carried out throughout the territory of Russia.

    Alisa Fashion - women's clothing of the Russian production on the official website offers its customers a lot of models - high-quality and stylish. Dress with taste!